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Spirou Scanlations

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that there's an English Spirou scanlation project here:


About time, if you ask me - although I definitely wouldn't mind if there were more official translations. (speaking of which, Cinebooks will be releasing their translation of La frousse aux trousses in about a month, hopefully soon followed by La vallée des bannis!)

[Fr] quelques ficlets - G/PG/R

Quelques ficlets – personnages et genres divers ;

Rating : G à PG-15
Longueur : 100 à 300 mots / 1000 mots
Langue : français mais vous pouvez commenter dans d'autres langues si vous voulez ;
I understand and speak English too;
Entiendo español pero quasi no lo hablo.

Tous les liens mènent vers ma communauté d'archive personnelle.

Zorglub et Champignac – G - 333
Cette fois c’est la guerre !

Zorglub/Champignac – PG - 200
Décrocher la lune

Spirou-et-Fantasio – PG - 300
À la vie à la mort

Spirou, Fantasio – G - 200
groïnnk !

Spirou, Zantafio – PG - 111
good guy, bad guy

Fantasio – G - 250
Juste un peu hallucinogène

Seccotine (f/f) – PG-15 - 150
Les revers de la mode

et celle-ci est plus longue, et pas mal plus osée que tout le reste :
Spirou/Fantasio – R - 1000
Chaleur humaine

Fanart - La jeunesse de Champignac

What do you mean there's more to this comic than Z and the Count?
4 picsCollapse )

Fanart - Cortinarius Lunaris

One of my favorite fanarts.
...Collapse )

Also La face cachée du Z! Is it any good? Horrible? Just mediocre?


Fanart - The Usual

Alerte aux Zorkons is quite fabulous, but this has nothing to do with it.




So I heard they're already working on the Finnish translation of Alerte aux Zorkons (what, no 20 year wait with this one?) - I'm sooo excited, heh.

To celebrate, here's some proper fanart for a change:



Fanart - 'Bots of the Spirouverse

Just one of those things that seem absolutely hilarious at 5 am.

... Pink clouds!
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Hahaha. Sorry.


More young!Z.

The invention of the Zorglonde or just nonsensical sound effects? You decide!



I don't write fics

... Except that I just did. Heh.

  So I have small Champignac/Zorglub fic with a title as nonsensical as its content here on FF.net, for some reason.
English isn't my first language so I apologize for any odd wording.